Laser Saber By Shadowhawk: The Indispensable Military Grade Self Defense Tool

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We live in a world that is full uncertainties. These days, virtually anything can happen at any time and your security and that of your property is at risk. For this reason, having the right tactical gear is essential to ensure that you get the utmost security you deserve and to keep burglars at bay.

What Is A Tactical Laser Saber?

The Shadowhawk laser saber can best be described as a super powered laser pointer with an ultra-smooth magnetic gravity system, which powers up and down to produce radiant pulses with very powerful energy. It is an incredible technology used by the U.S Search and Rescue, U.S Navy Seals, Firemen, the Coast Guard, and the Policemen.

A tactical laser saber is one of the world’s powerful lasers that have been approved by the FDA and categorized under the Laser Saber. A hard anodized T6061 aluminum hilt material forms an integral part of the LaserSaber’s handle, helping to produce solid and elegant outlook for any user.

How To Use Your Military Grade Tactical Laser Saber

shadowhawk laser saberThe LaserSaber is comprised of about 1/8-inch walled polycarbonate tube and comes with 32-inches long blade, which is manufactured in the U.S. The blade flaunts sturdy and highly durable design, although the equipment lacks sound effects.

The device should be operated exclusively by professionals in a properly regulated environment. The Laser Sabers encompass highly powerful lasers that prove dangerous to human health. Players and observers are advised to wear safety gears like goggles when dealing with the device. It is useful in stopping bad guys from advancing their threat.

The LaserSaber contains a magnetic system that powers up and down, providing the most powerful lasers in the world. There is also an in-built optical element that diffuses the laser and distributes it uniformly throughout the blade. The device comprises a tube with a metal sphere permanently suspended in it. The suspended metal sphere helps to bring about the required beam grow effect.

Ideally, the metal sphere moves inside of the tube due to the impact of gravity, thus creating the much-needed beam grow effects.A magnet embedded in the edge of the blade makes the ball to lock in position magnetically. Bumping the laser with adequate force disengages the magnetic lock.

Advantages Of A Tactical Laser

There are several reasons one should always carry a tactical laser. These are just some of them:

1. Identify threats

It is a light, meaning that it can help you while you are walking in the dark. Lights emitted by the device can light up dark corners so you know what surrounds you. Also, with sharp lights produced, you can check out for potential burglars at a pretty safe distance.

2. Self-defense

Flashlights help during a self-defense situation because they are very bright. If you’re threatened, just flash your light in the eyes of those who threaten you and they instantly go blind. Actually, these lights are bright and can even hurt your brain on looking at them.

3. Provides help in emergency situations

In case of an emergency situation, such as when the power goes out, having a flashlight with you implies that you have light at any time. So, when the lights go off and you don’t have any other alternative, a flashlight saves your life.

Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind: Saber Laser Is Not A Toy

The equipment is powered by lasers that are highly dangerous to your health, and should only be wielded in a properly controlled environment. Apparently, lasers come with LaserShades to enhance your safety.
These LaserShades ought to be utilized at all times while dealing with a LaserSaber.

The LaserSaber emits radiant brilliance and maintains it even during the times when lights are switched on. The equipment is compatible and can easily attach to all the spyder 3 models, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum built that guarantees secure and safe attachment of the equipment’s blade. Be advised to operate it in a properly controlled setting, though, not forgetting to wear LaserShades at all times.

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